About Us

Owner/Executive Director - Cameo Crumby

Mission - The mission of Mindsight NP, Inc. is to give inner city youth an outlet through sports and fitness. 

Vision - Mindsight NP, Inc. seeks to expose as many inner city kids to different  sports and physical activities as possible with hopes that they will find a new passion and/or outlet. I see kids taking on new challenges that allow them to occupy their time with team building, leadership and healthy activities.

Values - Mindsight, Inc. is committed to the leadership development of youth and respect, opportunity, community and integrity.  


Board of Directors


Tera Jenkins


The board president is responsible for facilitating the meetings of the board of directors. The board president will become the public face of the organization, the contact person for every question anyone in the community may want to ask.

He will also be the main advocate for everything your organization is trying to do, from attending early morning business breakfasts to arranging lines of credit to overseeing programming issues to facilitating board and community meetings. It is common for the board president to be one of the organization's check-signers. Although he won't manage the financial data, he should always have access to it.


Chevella Wilder

 Vice President

The official role of a vice president is to be available when the president is temporarily unable to fulfill his responsibilities or to be readily available as a permanent replacement should the president need to step down. On a volunteer board, the responsibilities go much further. The vice president needs to be aware of everything that goes on in the organization, from knowing what the committees are working on to being familiar with the status of any programming. He must be able to step in and work in partnership with the president when needed. The vice president also needs to be available to take on special projects such as chairing a committee on short notice.


Berle Bowen  

Secretary/ Treasurer/Board of Directors

There are actually two independent roles the secretary needs to assume. The internal role, often referred to as a recording secretary, involves generating and filing all of the group's corporate documents, minutes of meetings, general mailing lists, and databases in a safe place. The secretary takes accurate minutes during every board or public meeting and collects the minutes from the committee meetings. The secretary is also responsible for cleaning up rough meeting notes that will become part of the permanent record of the organization.

The office of treasurer in a nonprofit also has more than one role. First, the person should maintain the group's financial books of the organization, which involves basic checkbook balancing and bill paying. The treasurer is generally one of the official check-signers and has access to any bank accounts or investments held by the group. In consultation with the board president and the financial committee, the treasurer is responsible for preparing the yearly financial report for the IRS when you have obtained your tax exemption (IRS Form 990) or for paying any federal corporate taxes if you have not received your tax exemption. The treasurer also makes sure that all local fees and taxes are paid.